Remote Sensing Based Inventory

Country level data including statistical adjustments and error estimations

The statistically adjusted data for ecozones and whole country with associated standard errors based on auxiliary reference data. Such information is only available for large areas with sufficient reference observations. For more information see RS-Inventory Technical Report.

Layer 1

Tables, diagrams & maps – oblast & country level

The detailed information are extracted from satellite data estimates at 20-m spatial resolution. Since there is no a complete one-to-one correspondence between predicted and ground truth data, the results may be subject to variability and bias.


The Technical Report with detailed descriptions of the mapping and estimation procedures.


Brochure with a summary of the main results

The implementation of the ongoing National Forest Inventory  is hampered by Russian war, inaccessibility of occupied territories as well as limited state financing. In light of this the implementation of a remote sensing based inventory (RS-Inventory) was proposed as an temporary alternative. Such an RS-Inventory was implemented in the framework of the Sustainable Forestry Implementation Project (SFI), supported by the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture of Germany. It presents a joint venture of Ukrainian and German experts, who used international experiences. Namely it was inspired from the German National Forest Inventory “Bundeswaldinventur” and related satellite based tree species maps.

Field data from more than 4100 sample plots have been used for inevitable calibration of information from Sentinel 2 satellite images. Forests defined as areas covered by woody vegetation with a predefined minimum canopy cover more then 50%, observed at 20×20 m pixel level, regardless of its legal status.

The RS-Inventory of all forests of Ukraine revealed a total forest area of 11.2 million ha, respectively 18.6 % of total area of Ukraine, out of which 1.7 million ha have been temporally occupied by Russia or affected during the war. Total growing stock amounts to 2.8 billion m3. According to the outcomes of the RS-Inventory the average growing stock amounts to 251 m3/ha, thus forest area and growing stock are higher than expected from earlier studies. Two thirds of the forest area is dominated by deciduous tree species.

Here you can find the detailed results of the RS inventory, e.g. for tree species groups, specific oblasts, ecozones, etc., as well as information on the methodology used.

RS-Inventory press release